Getting Started

Learn how to leverage snappify Slides to create impressive presentations and videos.

snappify Slides enable developers to create impressive presentations and smoothly animated videos.

Our powerful visual Editor empowers you to design Slides that leave a lasting impact. Enhance your Slides with rich-text, images, videos, arrows, shapes, and most importantly: code snippets, which can be animated in various ways.

Although you have the power to fine-tune animations to your liking, snappify Slides comes with smooth animations out-of-the-box. You can learn more about it on the Animation Basics page.

Examples 🍿

Following you can find some examples of Presentations created using snappify Slides.

Avoid Prop drilling

An awesome animation initially created by Alex Sidorenko. We have recreated it with snappify Slides. You can find the step-by-step guide on how this Presentation was created in our Tutorial.

Do you know these dev logos?

This slide showcases the built-in animation feature of snappify Slides.

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