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📝 Speaker Notes

We've added the possibility to add Speaker Notes to your Slides. This allows you to add additional information to your Slides, which you can see throughout your presentation.

In order to view the Speaker Notes while presenting, start your Presentation in the Presenter View:

Description of the new Speaker Notes feature
Description of the new Speaker Notes feature

🎛️ More Options for Code Change Transitions

It's now possible to specify the duration and delay for Code Changes.

This gives your even more flexibility to create the perfect transitions for your code changes, or to make them faster. 😄

For more infos, checkout the corresponding Docs.

Screenshot of the Code Change Transition options
Screenshot of the Code Change Transition options

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🍓 New Presentation Template

We've published a new template showcasing a parallax effect using the Raspberry Pi Logo 😄

Check it out 👇

Screenshot of the new Presentation Template

📼 Video Export Options

We've released new options for our Video Exports 🙌

You're now able to define the Scale, FPS and Seconds per Slide. Additionally you can also export Videos with transparent backgrounds or export your Slides as GIF.

With this, our Desktop App is now also available for all major platforms!

Learn more in our new Documentation 😄

Screenshot of the Video Export modal.

🍕 Embed single slide

We're shipping new features for our embedding functionality! 🥳

  1. Start the presentation immediately: Configure if the play button should be displayed to start the presentation or if it should start immediately.
  2. Embed single slide: Now you can embed a single slide of your presentation. So you don't need to create a new snap for each slide you want to embed.
Screenshot of the embed modal for iframe
Screenshot of the embed modal for iframe

✍️ Arrow Draw animations

It's now possible to define Draw animations when arrows enter or exit a Slide 🥳

This can be very helpful for explainer videos or in presentations. Check out the docs for more information.

Video showcasing the Draw animations for arrows

🗂️ Context Menu

We already provided a context menu on the element tree, but now we also added it to the canvas! 🥳 Now you can easily access the following options by right-clicking for the elements on the canvas:

  • Duplicate
  • Lock and hide
  • Copy and paste style
  • delete

Tip: 💡 It's also possible for multiple selected elements on canvas at once.

In the future we'll keep adding helpful options to the context menu.

Context menu on the canvas
Context menu on the canvas

↔️ Resize Code-editor

Finally, you can resize the code-editor element! 🥳 Like the rich-text element there are 3 different resize modes available.

  • Auto size: Resize automatically to fit the content. (Default)
  • Auto height: Resize automatically to fit the content height. The width will be fixed.
  • Fixed size: Keep its size and the content will be scrollable.

Read more in our docs.

🖥️ Desktop Applications

We've released the first (experimental) version of snappify Desktop for Windows and Apple Silicon Macs. 🥳

You can download snappify for Desktop right here 👇

If you experience issues or have other improvement suggestions, please join our Discord community.

💥 Say goodbye to boring presentations

We've created a new Promotion Video for snappify!

Check it out 👇

🏎️ Edit multiple elements at once

It's now possible to edit multiple elements at once via the right toolbar! 🥳

Just select the desired elements and you'll see all properties that those elements have in common on the right toolbar. When you edit a property, it will be applied to all selected elements.

🪄 Reorder your Dashboard per Drag and Drop

It's now possible to reorder the Snaps and Folders on your Dashboard per drag and drop.

This gives you more flexibility for organizing your Dashboard. 😄

🎥 Video Exports

We've just released our new experimental feature: Video Exports 🥳

Screenshot of the new Video Export option
Screenshot of the new Video Export option

Learn More

👥 User Stories

Wanna know how our Users leverage snappify? We started to publish User Stories where you can learn more about that! 🥳

Would you like to share your own story? We'd love to feature it! Just fill out this template to get started.

Screenshot of the user stories overview page
Screenshot of the user stories overview page

🎉 New Look for our right toolbar

We refactored our right toolbar to make it more compact and easier to use.

Below you can see a video showcasing some of the new changes. Every input element can also be adjusted by dragging on its corresponding icon, which gives you the same experience as the Sliders we had on some of our properties before.

🎛️ More Animation Configurations

It's now possible to configure more aspects of animations in snappify Slides. We added the support for different entry and exit animations, but also let you configure the transition options for each animation.

You're now able to configure the following options:

  • Duration
  • Delay
  • Bounce Intensity
  • Easing
Screenshot of the new animation controls
Screenshot of the new animation controls

🔗 Richtext extensions

Exciting news! Our rich-text editor has just been upgraded to include support for links! 🎉

This enhancement is particularly useful when working on slides, as you now have the ability to add external links. Whether it's a link to a valuable resource, your website, or your social media profiles, you can effortlessly incorporate them into your content.

Furthermore, we've also introduced the ability to format text in italic and underline styles. These additional styling options offer even more flexibility to customize your text and make it stand out.

Richtext inline toolbar with italic, underline and link formatting options
Richtext inline toolbar with italic, underline and link formatting options

📏 Guidelines while resizing

You'll now see Snapping Guidelines while resizing elements on the canvas. This helps you to align elements to each other. You can deactivate them by pressing while resizing.

We now also show a small Size indicator on the top left of the element.

📷 OpenGraph Images for your Snaps

When you share your snaps on Social Media or other platforms via its public URL, we show a preview image of your snap as the open graph image.

After initially publishing your snaps the OG image will first be generated. You can regenerate it manually at any given time. In the future we'd like to support uploading custom OG images as well.

Showcase of the OG Image setting in the embed modal.
Showcase of the OG Image setting in the embed modal.

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