Video element

Get to know the video element in detail.

The video element enables you to embed a video from your preferred cloud storage provider into your snap. (Google Cloud, iCloud, Cloudflare, S3)

The main use case for this element is to play a video during a presentation. The video won't play in the editor, but as soon as you start presenting, the video will start playing automatically.

Right toolbar

Let's have a look at the right toolbar and what you can configure there.

Video duration

Since the video won't be played in the editor, you can see the duration of the video here.

Replacing a video

You can replace the video by providing a new URL to the input field and pressing the Replace video button.

Video description

To ensure that your snap is accessible to all users, it's important to add a brief but descriptive text to the video. This will be used as the aria-label attribute of the video element when it is shared via a direct link or embedded on other websites.

This helps users with visual impairments or those who use screen readers to understand the content of your snap.

Advanced Styles

The video elements supports the following advanced styles:

  • Opacity
  • Blur
  • Rotation
  • Tilting
  • Border-radius (default: 8px)
  • Box-Shadow
  • Grayscale
  • Sepia
  • Hue rotation

Animation options

Checkout the different Animation options available for the video element.

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