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Ndimofor Aretash

I am passionate about helping people, especially those from non-technical backgrounds understand and make the most use of computers and apps.

Use cases and favorite features

Nowadays, when I think of presenting (anything), I think first of snappify!

So what features of snappify do I love?

  • The morph animation! It NEVER gets old no matter how many times I slide forward or backward through a presentation!
  • The VS Code Extension facilitates the way I transfer my code snippets from the IDE to snappify.
  • The UI makes it easy to add snippets, text, and other visual elements.
  • The possibility of giving different colors to text in the same block.
  • The templates and preset themes really make presentations visually appealing.
  • The various export formats and possibilities.
  • The ability to embed presentations, or just share the URLs was well thought of. Not forgetting the fact that the URL automatically updates whenever the presentations are updated!
  • The ability to blur certain parts of a code snippet in order to draw the viewer's attention to a specific area is dumbfounding!
  • And to top it all up, the ability to organize presentations into folders. This is close to my heart because I can place related presentations into the relevant folders.

My Snaps

A brief basic demonstration of JavaScript function declarations, expressions and arrow functions

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Eine kurze grundlegende Demonstration von JavaScript-Funktionsdeklarationen, Expressions und Arrow Functions

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A "snappified" version of the tutorial on Building Modern Serverless APIs with CDK, Python, and GraphQL (Part 1) by

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A "snappified" version of the tutorial on Building Modern Serverless APIs with CDK, Python, and GraphQL (Part 2) by

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Share your experience

As an educator in tech and coding in particular, being able to deliver concepts in easy, simple-to-follow steps and bits is my top priority. I found snappify while searching for a tool to improve the way I deliver coding concepts and was immediately blown away! There are some presentation tools out there, unfortunately, I just feel like snappify is the one that had developers in mind during conception.

All in all, snappify has really been a game-changer not only to my content delivery style but also to the extent to which the participants understand the concepts! I just started using snappify and still have a lot to try out. I understand that the team is still working relentlessly to add more features and I have no doubt that this tool will only get better.

Thank you for snappify!

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