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Hey! 👋 I'm a Software Engineer with a strong development background in Python. Currently developing Data and AI applications.

Use cases and favorite features

I have been using Snappify for creating visual content on Twitter and it played a major role in my Twitter success. Snappify has everything that you need to create beautiful code snippets. Features like templates and grouping help you increase your productivity.

My Snaps

Intro to FastAPI thread. Tilt feature is extensively used to make it eye catching.

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Twitter thread on different types of methods in Python.

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Intro to Data types in Python. Multiple code editors are used in this snippets.

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Snappify is the ultimate destination for creating stunning code snippets. As a long-time user of over 1.5 years, I'm thrilled to explore the exciting new features, including the addition of slides. It's the perfect all-in-one platform for unleashing your creativity and taking your code presentation to the next level.

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