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Sebastian Wessel

I'm a freelance developer specializing in Node.js / Typescript / Javascript backend­ and Vue frontend development.

Passionate about creating efficient and scalable solutions, I'm the initiator of PURISTA, an open-source TypeScript framework.

With a strong focus on innovation and quality, I strive to deliver exceptional results in the ever-evolving world of software development.

Use cases and favorite features

I absolutely adore using snappify to enhance the documentation for my projects with delightful images, captivating slides, and elegant code snippets!

Initially, I employed snappify solely to add charm to my code snippets. However, as I discovered its incredible array of features, it quickly transformed into an indispensable daily companion, aiding me in crafting stunning visuals, dynamic slideshows, and captivating videos for websites, tweets, and advertisements. Snappify has truly become the key to unlocking a world of creativity and joy in my work!

My Snaps

A short teaser to explain the core idea of the PURISTA typescript framework.

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A quick-start tutorial, which replaced a lot of textual content.

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The user-friendly interface of snappify makes it incredibly easy to dive right in without any learning curve. While its core features empower you to construct visually appealing and practical code snippets, the introduction of the presentation feature has truly revolutionized the game.

With the presentation feature, users can now concentrate on their content without the hassle of managing animation timelines and other complex tasks, resulting in truly awe-inspiring outcomes.

The dedicated team behind snappify deserves high praise for their exceptional work and their swift responsiveness to user feedback. This commitment to the users' needs truly makes snappify a customer-centric tool.

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