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Image of Rodrigo Girão Serrão 🐍🚀

Rodrigo Girão Serrão 🐍🚀

Rodrigo is passionate about learning and sharing knowledge, and that's how he ended up teaching Python on the Internet to thousands of people.

Use cases and favorite features

I have used snappify to share hundreds – if not thousands – of educational snippets of Python code on Twitter.

More recently, I have also started to use snappify Slides to make YouTube videos and to prepare full talks to present at Python conferences. I am also experimenting with using snappify Slides to include code morphing animations in my blog articles to explain concepts more clearly.

My Snaps

These are the slides I used to present a full talk at a Python conference.

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This snap contains the two halves of an A0 poster that I created and presented at EuroPython 2023, a Python conference with +1000 participants.

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Morphing animation that accompanies a written explanation in a blog article (Properties | Pydon't 🐍)

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Share your experience

I believe that elegance is not a dispensable luxury, but a crucial attribute that impacts the quality of my work. And that is why I like using snappify: because it lets me share snippets of Python code in an elegant way, effortlessly. When I have a piece of code I want to post on Twitter, or maybe share in my newsletter, I can have a high-resolution snippet of code with my branding in a matter of seconds.

Snappify feels like the Canva for programmers, giving me all the flexibility I need inside an interface that is intuitive and easy to use. Genuinely. If you are reading this and you feel like I might be exaggerating, reach out to me… I'll show you how easy it is to use snappify and how it makes my life so much easier.

One other thing I really like about snappify, and that I can tell you for sure that is very significant, is the team behind snappify. I have interacted with Anki and Dominik many times before and the fact that they are so approachable and attentive (with regards to feature requests and bug reports!) makes me love snappify even more!

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