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Mitchell van Rijkom

Hey everyone👋🏻 I am a passionate Data Engineer sharing tips & tricks about Data Engineering, Databricks, and PySpark | I help companies build scalable Big-Data solutions with Software Engineering best practices 🚀

Use cases and favorite features

I share code tips on Data Engineering, Databricks, and PySpark. Snappify is now my go-to for creating these snippets. Before, I would copy the code editor and then style it in Figma. But with snappify's recent updates, I can easily beautify my snippets right there! It's not just easy to create, but also to share, letting people see and directly copy my code. What excites me most is the ability to create animations and export them as videos. This will definitely enhance my upcoming YouTube content!

My Snaps

Rollback Data in Delta Lake Using time travel.

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Skip rows in spark CSV read.

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Remove mistakenly or sensitive files from GIT.

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Efficiently merge data from different sources while handling missing values using the coalesce function!

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Snappify is the best tool for code snippets that I've used. What impresses me even more is their team. They're great and very quick to add new features. I've seen them add things I ask for in just a week! The way you can turn snippets into slides and videos is so cool. It's not just about showing code; it feels more alive and engaging. Big thumbs up to snappify and their team!

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