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Dominik Sumer

I love to bring my own ideas to life and strive to make a living from them 🌱.

Having a lot of fun building snappify and sharing my learnings along the way on Social Media and through blogging.

Use cases and favorite features

I love to use snappify for spicing up my social media posts with rich infographics and code snippets - below you can see some examples.

Additionally, I love that I'm able to share my creations in an interactive way where viewers can easily copy the code. I also embed them on my blog.

Can't wait to create some presentations using snappify and also more sophisticated Animations using the new Video Export functionality we're currently working on 😄

My Snaps

Several images: Created for our blog posts at

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A presentation showcasing the new Animation Options we've released for snappify Slides in June 2023.

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Instagram Post containing several tips and tricks on how supabase can boost your product development.

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Promotion Post we used when the snappify API was initially released.

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Share your experience

Since we started working on snappify in early 2021 so many beautiful things happened. We got so much great feedback from our community which kept us pushing snappify into its current

We're proud of what we've achieved already and eager to bring more of our vision to life. Thank you all for your support!

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