October 04, 2022

⌨️ Disable snapping guidelines

Snapping guidelines is a must for a graphic design tool. But Sometimes you want to position elements freely per drag. Now you can do that! Just hold to disable the snapping guideline.

As part of these changes, we also changed how you can multi-select elements on canvas individually. You can either select multiple elements with Shift-Click or per drag-select.

Elements list improvements

We polished the UI of the elements list (left toolbar) and also improved the UX for better distinction of the hover and selected state to the elements.

In addition to existing elements selection by pressing and click, we also support selecting multiple elements with Shift-Click.

The context menu got new a new option to “Rename” which is the same as double-click on the element. Also, lock/hide options are added, which can be applied on multi-selection.

Promotion Image showcasing the new context menu
Promotion Image showcasing the new context menu

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