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3 Best Code Snippets Manager with AI Features (2023)

As a developer, you know the importance of time and efficiency in your workflow. And what can be more efficient than using a code snippets manager?

In this blog post, you will learn about the three best code snippet managers with AI features revolutionizing how developers organize and find their code.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, these code snippet apps will improve your productivity and simplify your coding workflow.

So, let's dive in and discover the future of code management!

What is a code snippets manager?

A code snippets manager is a powerful tool for developers to store and organize reusable pieces of code.

Core Benefits:

It simplifies the coding process for developers and allows them to quickly insert common code patterns into their websites, apps, or other coding projects.

  • Reuse code patterns, save time and effort
  • Maintain consistency and standardization across projects
  • Increase productivity by eliminating the need to rewrite commonly used code
  • Enhance code quality using pre-tested and optimized snippets
  • Simplify collaboration by sharing and syncing snippets with team members
  • Improves efficiency and facilitates the coding process.

Role of AI in Code Snippet Apps

Role of Al in Code Snippet Apps
Role of Al in Code Snippet Apps

AI plays a significant role in code snippet apps by providing several benefits and functionalities.

AI in code snippet managers has the potential to revolutionize coding and shape the future of programming.

By providing smart suggestions and personalized recommendations, AI-powered code completion can enhance speed, accuracy, and quality.

The future of coding may see increased automation and AI assistance.

Here are some ways AI improves code snippet apps:

  • Suggestion and Autocompletion
  • Code Snippet Generation, Extraction and Analysis
  • Refactoring, Documentation, and Explanation
  • Automatic error detection and correction.

3 AI Powered Code Snippets Manager:

Many code snippet management tools exist, like GitHub Gist, SnippetsLab, Snipbox, and Lepton.

But, since we are talking about those which are modern and come with Artificial intelligence.

Here are three types that we are going to cover:

  • The first tool can manage and generate beautiful snaps of your code. So you can share pretty snippets with your audience and increase your fan following as a developer.
  • Second, is a code generation and snippet management tool, which you can utilize inside your VS code to ask for help in coding and support from AI.
  • Third is an advanced tool that can do code management and screenshots with OCR's support.


Video showing how to arrange your snaps in folders

It is not a typical snippets management tool. You can organize and store code pieces in the form of beautiful images.

Snappify Editor
Snappify Editor

Developers are using Snappify for:

  • Sharing beautiful code snaps on social media platforms (Twitter X, LinkedIn and Facebook)
  • Technical Presentations
  • Explaining complex code concepts in technical courses, blog posts, and more.

Several features make it a valuable tool:

  • You can create stunning code presentations with animations like (Morph, FadeIn, and Typewriter)
  • The integrated AI feature can help you explain a code.
  • Use arrows, text, or diff to highlight specific parts in your snippet.
  • Embed your code work on your blog with interactive visuals. It also supports popular platforms like Notion, Medium, and Hashnode.
  • Snap API allows developers to create code snaps with a single hit.
  • You can use export capabilities like PNG, GIF, Video, and Copy to Clipboard.

Code Snippets AI:

CodeSnippets AI
CodeSnippets AI

It provides a user-friendly platform for managing code snippets.

With the ability to store and fetch snippets securely, developers can easily access their code from anywhere with an internet connection.

The organized structure allows for efficient searching by language, name, or folder, enabling developers to find the code they need quickly.

Integrating with popular IDEs like VSCode simplifies the process by allowing users to save and generate code directly into their snippet library.

Some highlighting features are:

  • Code Snippets AI integrates with powerful AI models like GPT-4, ChatGPT, and Google PaLM2.
  • It allows developers to generate functions and complete snippets, saving time on repetitive tasks.
  • The AI also suggests code optimizations, helping teams overcome potential bottlenecks.
  • The platform allows developers to easily collaborate by sharing secure code snippets, promoting consistency in coding practices and knowledge sharing among team members.

Note: Unlike snappify, it can't create beautiful code screenshots.

Pieces App:

Pieces App
Pieces App

Managing code chunks can be a tedious task, but not with Pieces.

One of the main features of Pieces is its streamlined snippet management, eliminating the need to search through multiple files and folders to find what you need.

With Pieces, you can effortlessly store and organize your code chunks, screenshots, and workflow context in one centralized hub.

It makes accessing and retrieving the resources you need easy, saving you valuable time and effort.

Some other highlighting features are:

  • Pieces enrich your code with machine learning. It provides titles, descriptions, tags, documentation links, and collaborators to save time and contextualize your work for better collaboration.
  • It simplifies collaboration with custom links and smart transforms for better readability, formatting, performance, and code translation.
  • You can track your coding workflow. It records searches, copies, saves, shares, and references, providing a chronological compass. There is no need to backtrack, saving you time and improving productivity.
  • It supports OCR and ML for accurate code extraction & searchable screenshots.


AI-Powered Code Snippet Managers are changing the way developers work. These tools improve efficiency, reduce coding errors, and enhance collaboration.

Among the top three snippet management tools, snappify is a unique tool that allows you to create stunning code presentations and beautiful code images.

With its integrated AI feature, you can easily explain complex code concepts and share your work on social media platforms or in technical presentations.

The various features offered by snappify, such as animations, highlighting specific parts, and export capabilities, make it a valuable tool for developers.

Try snappify today for free and experience the benefits yourself! Explore its features and experience the future of code management firsthand.


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