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Business to Developers (B2D): 101 Technical Content Marketing

By implementing B2D technical content marketing, businesses can effectively connect with the developer community and close the gap between their products or services.

This approach drives sales and cultivates relationships by providing valuable technical content that meets developers' needs.

For example, if you've developed a developer-centric SaaS tool and want to promote it to the audience.

You wouldn't target the non-technical audience to use that tool.

Instead, you will focus on the specific technical audience ready to use and pay for your tool.

In this guide, we will share some great insights to help you do effective B2D technical content marketing.

Let's get started.

What is B2D Marketing?

B2D (Business to Developers) marketing is a comprehensive approach that targets developers, technical professionals, and engineers as the primary audience.

It involves creating tailored content, products, and services that meet the needs and interests of software developers.

Core Benefits of B2D Marketing

Core benefits of b2d marketing
Core benefits of b2d marketing

Implementing B2D marketing strategies can bring several benefits to your business.

Firstly, by targeting developers, you can build a loyal customer base who are more likely to advocate for your products and services.

Developers are influential within their communities, and positive word-of-mouth from them can significantly impact your brand's reputation.

In addition, it allows you to establish trust and credibility with developers.

By providing them with valuable technical content and resources, you position yourself as an industry expert and resource they can rely on.

It can lead to increased brand loyalty and customer retention.

  • Influence Over Adoption: Developers have a crucial role in selecting tools, technologies, and platforms for organizations. B2D marketing can influence their choices and increase product adoption.
  • Developer Advocacy: A successful B2D marketing strategy can lead to passionate developer advocates who promote the product through word-of-mouth, building credibility.
  • Engagement and Trust: Sharing technical content, resources, and tools showcases expertise and dedication to meeting developer needs. It builds trust and engagement, increasing receptivity to your offerings.

B2D marketing efforts often involve creating technical documentation, tutorials, and resources.

This educational content showcases your product's features and positions your brand as a valuable source of knowledge.

How B2D Marketing differs from B2C and B2B Marketing

B2D marketing differs from B2C and B2B marketing
B2D marketing differs from B2C and B2B marketing

B2D marketing differs from B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2B (business-to-business) marketing in its target audience and approach.

While B2C marketing focuses on reaching individual consumers and B2B marketing targets businesses, B2D marketing specifically targets developers.

Unlike B2C marketing, which often emphasizes emotional appeals and mass-market advertising, B2D marketing requires a more technical and nuanced approach.

It involves creating content and providing relevant and valuable resources to developers.

B2D marketing also differs from traditional B2B marketing regarding the buyer's journey.

Developers play a crucial role in software purchasing decisions, and as such, B2D marketing aims to influence developers at all stages of the customer journey, from awareness to decision-making.

Key Components of a B2D Marketing Playbook

Key components of a B2D marketing playbook
Key components of a B2D marketing playbook

Creating a B2D marketing playbook involves outlining the strategies and tactics you will employ to market your products and services to developers effectively.

A comprehensive B2D marketing playbook should include the following:

  • A clear definition of your target developer persona
  • An analysis of your product's unique selling proposition and how it addresses developer pain points
  • Identification of the most effective channels and platforms to reach developers
  • A content strategy that includes examples, case studies, and technical documentation
  • A developer relations plan that outlines how you will engage and communicate with developers
  • A plan for measuring and analyzing the success of your B2D marketing campaigns

Examples of successful B2D Marketing

Examples of successful B2D marketing
Examples of successful B2D marketing

Several companies have successfully implemented B2D marketing strategies and created effective B2D marketing playbooks.

One notable example is Twilio, a cloud communications platform.

They have a comprehensive developer portal that provides documentation, tutorials, and examples of how to use their APIs.

They also host hackathons and Developer conferences to engage with their developer community.

Another successful B2D company is Stripe, a payment processing platform.

They provide:

  • Detailed technical documentation.
  • Libraries for different programming languages.
  • A sandbox environment for testing their payment APIs.

Stripe also offers webinars and workshops to educate and support developers.

Utilize tools in your Technical Marketing Workflow

Integrating tools in your technical marketing workflow streamlines processes improves communication, and engages your audience, leading to more effective B2D outcomes.

We've already covered a guide about the best tools for technical content writing, but here is a quick list:

  • Snappify: It can help you create visually appealing code snippets and presentations.
  • Canva: Lots of infographics, icons, and pre-made designs to help you create social or blog posts.
  • Filmora: It can help you create and record your technical videos with smart AI features.

Types of Content for Developers

Types of content for developers
Types of content for developers

When creating content for developers, it is essential to understand their unique preferences and needs.

Developers are often passionate about their craft and seek content that helps them improve their skills and learn new technologies.

Some effective strategies for marketing to developers include:

  • Creating technical blog posts and tutorials
  • Sharing developer success stories and case studies
  • Providing comprehensive API documentation and examples
  • Hosting webinars and workshops on relevant technical topics
  • Best practices and tips for specific programming languages or frameworks
  • Whitepapers and research papers on emerging technologies
  • Podcasts and video interviews with industry experts

When creating content for developers, providing practical, real-world examples is essential.

Developers often learn best by seeing how things work in a concrete context.

Including technical examples in your content can help developers understand complex concepts and apply them to their projects.

Use Social Media Potential for B2D Marketing

Use social media potential for B2D marketing
Use social media potential for B2D marketing

If you're not using social media to capture the attention of developers, then you are missing the biggest tech audience.

Consider using social media platforms for effective B2D marketing.

  • Platform Selection: Choose social media platforms where developers are most active. Popular choices include Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, and specialized developer communities like Stackoverflow.
  • Participate in Conversations: Join relevant tech discussions using relevant hashtags and mentions.
  • Live Q&A Sessions: Conduct live sessions with technical experts to address queries
  • Code Snippets: Share useful code snippets that demonstrate your product's capabilities. Snappify can help you to create beautiful code snippets in seconds.
  • Showcase Innovation: Share sneak peeks of upcoming features, updates, or products to keep developers excited and engaged.

Tips for creating non-technical content that appeals to developers

Not all content targeted at developers needs to be highly technical.

Developers also appreciate non-technical content that provides insights into industry trends, career development, and personal growth.

Some tips for creating non-technical content that appeals to developers include:

  • Sharing interviews with influential developers and industry leaders
  • Providing tips for effective project management and collaboration
  • Highlighting success stories of developers who have made a significant impact
  • Curating and sharing relevant news and articles from the industry
  • Offering resources for skill development and career advancement

Importance of Community

Importance of community
Importance of community

Building a community of developers is crucial in B2D marketing.

A strong developer community can provide valuable feedback, advocacy, and support for your products and services.

Developers often seek out communities where they can connect with like-minded individuals, share knowledge, and collaborate on projects.

To build a strong developer community, consider implementing the following strategies:

  • Create a developer forum or online community where developers can connect with your company
  • Organize developer meetups, hackathons, and conferences
  • Encourage developers to share their projects and experiences on social media
  • Provide incentives for active community participation, such as exclusive access to resources or early product releases
  • Engage with developers on social media platforms, responding to their questions and providing support

Identify stages of the Developer's customer journey

Developers go through a specific customer journey when considering and purchasing software products.

Understanding their journey can help you tailor your messaging and marketing efforts.

The typical stages of a developer's customer journey include:

  • Awareness: Become aware of a problem or need.
  • Research: Explore different solutions and evaluate their options.
  • Evaluation: Compare and analyze the features and benefits of different products.
  • Purchase: Make a decision and complete the purchase.


Technical content marketing for Business to Developers (B2D) requires understanding developer needs and effective communication.

Engaging, informative, and technically sound content can boost a loyal developer community, establish industry authority, and drive business growth.


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