December 14, 2021

✨ New syntax highlighting with Shiki

We've refactored our code editor to do syntax highlighting with Shiki, a powerful tool which gives us the possibility to create precise syntax highlighting for well-known VS Code themes.

In the future we want to add the possibility to add custom themes and if you're missing a VS Code theme which you'd like to use in snappify, please don't hesitate to contact us so we can add it to our list of themes!


From now on the snap is centered on the canvas and can also be moved around by clicking the Scroll-Wheel on your mouse and dragging it around.

Additionally it's now possible to zoom in and out when you press + Scroll.

At the same time we could further improve the performance of our editor, which overall results in a very nice UX like you're used to from other design apps like Figma.

Video showing the free canvas

Shortcuts Overview

The snappify editor is getting more powerful over time and for better usability we already have a bunch of shortcuts to ease the process of creating beautiful code snippets.

To get a better overview about all of our shortcuts we introduced a new popover so you can get a nice overview! 🙌

Screenshot of the shortcuts button
Screenshot of the shortcuts button

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